Australia – Sydney: Discovering Blue Mountains in a Day

In Sydney, there is a lot to see, but one of the unusual tours to be done is outside the city, exactly 1.5 hours away.

The Blue Mountains National Park is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and be green for a day.

Registered since 2000 on UNESCO World Heritage, it is home to an exceptional flora and fauna: cockatoos and other parrots, kangaroos, wombat, wallabies and more native Australian animals.

But why do you call them the Blue Mountains? Simply because of the thick forest of Eucalyptus present throughout the park. While evaporating, the essence of these trees creates a blue reflection above the mountains that can be observed when the sun is good.


The Blue Mountains National Park is huge and you can not see everything at one time. But be it for a day or for several days, the Blue Mountains will capture your attention and give you the desire to quickly return.

In order to organize and optimize this day at the Blue Mountains, once you arrive in Katoomba, head towards Echo Point, from where you can see the famous Three Sisters, vertical rock formations representing three sisters frozen for eternity, according to an aboriginal legend.

There are several trails to do from there. To do this, simply go down to the lower level of the site and follow the indications in the information panel.

You can then proceed to Scenic World for a 2.4-kilometer jungle trail to Katoomba Waterfall. It is a very easy hike, with a path laid out on most of the trail.

What a joy to be in the middle of this lush vegetation and hear only the sound of the waterfall, branches of trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind.

From Scenic World there are several possibilities to visit the Blues Mountains: Skyway, Cableway, Railway and Walkway. Everything will depend on your budget and your physical condition! You can always take the Walkway trail one way, and go back with the Railway back.


How to reach the Blue Mountains?

  • By train: via the Blue Mountains Line (yellow) from Central Station. There is a train about every hour. It takes about 2 hours to Katoomba. Price: return ticket at around AUD 23 per person (about 14,50 EUR)
  • By car: From Sydney take M4 then A32 to Katoomba. 90 minutes drive one-way.

How to organize your visit to the Blue Mountains?

If you are not long on the Sydney side, you can choose an private Blue Mountains tour with us, which offers a day in the park as well as a visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park, where you can approach koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, wombat and other typical Australian animals! You can read more about our Blue Mountains tour here:

Tips for an excursion to the Blue Mountains

  • Go equipped: cap, sunscreen, walking shoes or a good pair of sneakers, water, picnic, camera and k-way (you never know …)
  • Check the weather before you go. In bad weather we do not see the blue halo above the mountains and hiking trails can be dangerous.

The different hikes to do

There are several hikes including Wentworth Falls and the National Pass (7km). You will find trail heads on the picnic area and hut conservation.

As you can see, the Blue Mountains are a paradise for nature lovers.